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Selig & Associates specializes in civil and criminal Tax Representation before the IRS and State. We meet with each and every client personally, and our services include: negotiating installment agreements, preparing unfiled tax returns, attending and resolving sales tax audits, payroll withholding problems, tax evasion, and solving most other tax matters. At Selig & Associates, your initial "face-to-face" Consultation is private, legally privileged and ABSOLUTELY FREE (even if you don't retain us).  When you're in trouble with the IRS or State, you need an experienced Advocate to protect your rights.

If you have a Tax Problem and are interested in Buying a Home or Refinancing your Mortgage, Selig & Associates can help. People with Tax Problems can qualify for an FHA Mortgage by entering into a bona fide installment agreement with the IRS. And at Selig & Associates, all Mortgages and Refinancing applications are personally originated and prepared by David Selig and Bradley Dorin, Esq. Get the facts at one of our upcoming Seminars or have a private face-to-face Consultation in our conveniently located Offices. Call us directly or schedule an Appointment Online.

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           Tax Representation before the IRS & State

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Selig & Associates can help


When you’re in trouble with the IRS or State, you need a vigorous Advocate to stand up and protect your rights. At Selig & Associates, each and every client is represented by a Federal Tax Practitioner and licensed Attorney. Contact us directly to schedule a FREE consultation in our New York offices.



Selig & Associates can help


We can help you get the Mortgage or Refinancing you need, even with a Tax Problem. FYI, borrowers can qualify for an FHA loan by entering into a bona fide installment agreement with the IRS. Accordingly, Selig & Associates can negotiate and establish the IRS agreement and FHA loan that's right for you.

Take Advantage of today’s low FHA interest rates, even if you have a Tax Problem 

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People with tax liens can still qualify for a competitive rate FHA mortgage provided they’re in a bona fide installment agreement. For example, in Brooklyn, Queens, NYC, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, a Homebuyer (with a tax problem) can still borrow up to $625,500 for a single family residence; $800,775 for a duplex; $967,950 for a triplex and $1,202,925 for a four family dwelling. 


A qualifying Installment Agreement is negotiated with the IRS after evaluating the perspective homebuyer’s present debt to income ratio (DTI) and as soon as we determine that your Approval is more likely than not, we’ll submit your Mortgage Application. *The entire process takes approximately 60 days.


Standing for IRS Agreement: 26 U.S. Code §6159 “Agreements for payment of tax liability in installments”. The Secretary is authorized to enter into written agreements with any taxpayer under which such taxpayer is allowed to make payment on any tax in installment payments if the Secretary determines that such agreement will facilitate full or partial collection of such liability.


Standing for FHA Qualification: US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) 4155.1 Chapter 4, Section A. Tax liens may remain unpaid provided the lien holder subordinates the tax lien to the FHA-insured mortgage.  If regular payments are to be made, viz. a bona fide installment agreement, said payments must be included in qualifying ratios. 

Selig & Associates, Inc., is not a law firm; does not practice law and does not give legal advice. 

Mortgages originated by:

David Selig NMLS # 1242271 and Bradley Dorin, licensed NYS Real Estate Broker

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You may Qualify for a Low Down Payment even with a Tax Lien
We represent and support all New Yorkers. We also specialize in Same Sex Mortgages including conventional, FHA and VA home loans to married couples and committed partners.

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